April 2021 Newsletter


This Month’s Meeting:


April 28, 2021, 7:00 p.m.

Program:  Those Amazing Dawes Boys

Presented by Steve Guenzel


Old Location:

Legacy Estates

We have gained permission to resume our meetings at Legacy Estates!

7200 Van Dorn, use the lower parking on the west side

For new members, here is a link to directions:

Directions to Legacy Estates



We will follow the current guidelines for this meeting.  Please do not come if you have been exposed to someone with COVID or if you are exhibiting symptoms. 


Upcoming Meetings

(Get all these on your calendar!)


May 26, 2021

Program to be announced





2020-2021 dues are now due, $15.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a family membership.  So far, twenty-five members have paid their 2020-2021 dues, with five family memberships, and one new member for a total of $435.00 collected. 




Those Amazing Dawes Boys!


William Dawes, Jr., rode with Paul Revere on April 18, 1775, to warn of the approaching British soldiers.  In fact, Dawes got through while Revere was captured by the British, so many would say he was more successful than Revere, but on one wrote a poem about Dawes.


William Jr.’s great grandson was Rufus R. Dawes, who was key in recruiting the 6th Wisconsin, part of the vaunted Iron Brigade.  Rufus was one of the Union heroes of the first day at Gettysburg, capturing most of a Mississippi regiment, including its colors, at the Railroad Cut.  Here is a link to the Official Report Rufus prepared regarding this engagement:


Rufus R. Dawes Official Report July 1, 1863


Rufus had a son named Charles, who began his career practicing law in Lincoln, and went on to be Vice President from 1925 to 1929.  He had other accomplishments you will need to attend to learn!


Fort Donelson Monument Status 


We are still waiting for the Secretary of State to appoint four members to the committee mandated by LB 850.  When LB 850 passed, the Governor signed it, but expressed concern that the Chair of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs committee should not be a voting member of the Fort Donelson Monument committee, so LB 35 was introduced this year to change that position to a nonvoting member.  LB 35 has now passed and was signed by the Governor.


Smile Amazon


Amazon contacted the Round Table to report that someone had requested to make the Round Table his or her Smile Amazon charity. is an Amazon feature where the buyer selects a registered charity and then 0.5% of eligible purchases go to that charity.  The Civil War Round Table of Nebraska has now registered as a Smile Amazon charity, so those of you interested can buy Amazon goods and 0.5% of eligible purchases will go to the Round Table.  Here is a link you can use to go to Smile Amazon and select the Round Table as your charity:


Smile Amazon - CWRT


The Secretary-Treasurer would love to know who made this request of Amazon to proper thanks can be made.  If you get to the point where you have an item in your Amazon cart without going through (which has happened to your Secretary-Treasurer many times due to forgetting to go to the “smile” site), you can simply close the window and then log into, and the cart will be there with the items still there, and then the purchase will be a “smile” purchase.


Hope to see you on the 28th!