May 2018 Newsletter


This Month’s Meeting:



One Wore Blue – One Wore Gray

Presented by Craig Schnieder




Civil War Jeopardy

Presented by Mark Nichols


May 23, 2018

7:15 p.m.

Legacy Estates Theater, 7200 Van Dorn

(use the lower parking on the west side;

Board meeting at 6:30 – all are invited to attend

and contribute suggestions and ideas)


The Round Table has a fiscal year that ends June 30, so the Annual Meeting

Will be held September 26, 2018


Upcoming Meetings

(Get all these on your calendar!)


No meetings over the summer


Next meeting:  September 26, 2018


Note that meeting dates and places could change as special events may be scheduled (e.g., we probably would not stage a ‘cannon shoot’ on a Wednesday evening at Legacy Estates).






2017-2018 dues are now due!  Please bring your cash or a check for $15.00 ($25.00 for a family membership) to the meeting, or you may mail it to Civil War Round Table, 1227 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, NE, 68508.  So far, thirty-nine members have paid their 2017-2018 dues, with five being family memberships, and with three new members, collected (and one $5.00 donation!) for a total of $580.00. 





This month’s program:


One Wore Blue – One Wore Gray

This is a program Craid Schnieder prepared for his Church


Civil War Jeopardy

Prepared by Mark Nichols




Civil War Trust is now part of the American Battlefield Trust


The Civil War Trust is now a part of the American Battlefield Trust.  Some may remember when this organization was called the Civil War Preservation Trust.  A number of years ago, it dropped "Preservation" from its name.  Now, the Civil War Trust will be the primary 'arm' of the American Battlefield Trust.  The National Park Service asked the Civil War Trust if it would help raise money for Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battlefields, and this has been very successful, so there will now be an umbrella organization over all of these preservation efforts.  Here is a link to a video explaining this change:


Message from James Lighthizer


Hope to see you all on the 23rd!