October 2019 Newsletter


This Month’s Meeting:

The U.S.S. Cairo

Presented by Steve Guenzel and Craig Schnieder


October 23, 2019

7:15 p.m.

Legacy Estates Theater, 7200 Van Dorn

(use the lower parking on the west side;

Board meeting at 6:30 – all are invited to attend

and contribute suggestions and ideas)


Upcoming Meetings

(Get all these on your calendar!)


November 20, 2019

(One week earlier than usual to avoid ‘Thanksgiving Eve’)

Program:  To be announced


No meeting in December


January 22, 2020

Program:  To be announced


February 26, 2020

Program:  To be announced


March 25, 2020

Program:  To be announced


April 22, 2020

Program:  To be announced


May 27, 2020

Annual Meeting

Program:  To be announced



Note that meeting dates and places could change as special events may be scheduled (e.g., we probably would not stage a ‘cannon shoot’ on a Wednesday evening at Legacy Estates).





2019-2020 dues are now due!  Please bring your cash or a check for $15.00 ($25.00 for a family membership) to the meeting, or you may mail it to Civil War Round Table, 1227 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, NE, 68508.  So far, nineteen members have paid their 2019-2020 dues, with four family memberships, for a total of $325.00 collected. 



Annual Meeting


At the annual meeting in September, the minutes for the annual meeting in 2018 were amended and a copy of the revised version, which was approved at the meeting, may be viewed here:


September 26, 2018, Minutes


You may also view a draft of the minutes for the September 25, 2019, meeting:


September 25, 2019, Minutes draft



This month’s program: 


The U.S.S. Cairo


Here are a couple sites that discuss the U.S.S. Cairo:


Wikipedia on the U.S.S. Cairo


Learning Lincoln On-Line on the U.S.S. Cairo



Hope to see you all on the 23rd!