September 2008 Newsletter

New Year!  New Meeting Place!!!

Due to reduced operating hours at Gere Library, (the facility is now closing at 8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings), the Round Table will be trying a different location.  We will meet on September 24 (6:30 p.m. for the Board–all are welcome to help plan–and 7:15 p.m. for the general meeting) at the Theater of Legacy Estates, 7200 Van Dorn.  Legacy Estates has two driveways turning north off of Van Dorn–use the west driveway.  This photo shows the west driveway, with the east driveway just out of view to the right of the photo:

Photo of driveway

This photo shows the door to use, which is at the north end of the parking area accessed by the west driveway:

Door to use

I was there recently at about 7 pm, and there were 21 available parking slots in that area.  If you find it full, then go out and turn into the east driveway and park there, and then you can go in the front door of Legacy Estates and take the elevator down to the lower level where you will find the Theater.


Civil War Provost Marshalls
Presented by Marc Witkovski

(You will recall that Marc gave the very interesting program last February on Jim Lane, the “Scoundrel” of Kansas.)

September 24, 2008
7:15 p.m.
Legacy Estates Theater, 7200 Van Dorn
(Board meeting at 6:30 - all are invited to attend and contribute ideas)



October 22, 2008
Tentative program:  Confederate Bonds
Presented by SUVCW Member Bill Dean

November 19, 2008 (a week early due to Thanksgiving!)
Tentative program:  The Battle of Gettysburg Transported to Lincoln
Presented by Steve Guenzel

December:  No Meeting!  Happy Holidays!

January 28, 2009
Thadeas Lowe, Civil War Ballooner
Presented by Mr. Lowe’s descendant, Terry Lowe

February 25, 2009
Topic to be announced

March 25, 2009
Topic to be announced

April 22, 2009
Topic to be announced

May 27, 2009
Topic to be announced

Note that meeting dates and places could change as special events may be scheduled.



2008-2009  Dues are now due!  Please bring your check for $15.00 ($25.00 for a family membership) to the meeting, or you may mail it to Civil War Round Table, 1227 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, NE, 68508.  So far, two members have paid their 2008-2009 dues, both being a family memberships, one of those being a new member, for a total of $50.00 collected.  The treasurer reports the following as having paid at this point:

Craig Schnieder, Family
Earl J. Witthoff, Family

If you have paid and are not on the list, please contact the treasurer to correct the records.  If you have not paid, please support the Civil War Round Table of Nebraska!


Here are some internet links to sites discussing Provost Marshals:

History of Provost Marshals

The Provost Marshal and the Citizen

Provost Duty


Hope to see you all on the 24th!

Don’t forget to come to Legacy Estates
rather than Gere!!!